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Status:Your z39.50 server at on Port 210 with the waf database has successfully passed the required clearinghouse search tests with the following results:
    Searches Performed Against Your Server
    • Digital Title Search:  6 Metadata Record(s) Found.
    • Center Full Text Search:  8 Metadata Record(s) Found.
    • Geospatial Coordinate Search:  8 Metadata Record(s) Found.

    • Spatial Search was performed using 90, -180, -90, 180 (NWSE) coordinates.

    Characteristics of Your Server
    • Implementation Name:  CNIDR zserver
    • Implementation Version:  2.2.2, Release 2004091302
    • GEO Value:  GEO22
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Server Description
Long Title of Server: West Virginia GIS Technical Center
Short Title of Server: WVGISTC
Abstract: State-wide digital base GIS layers for West Virginia
Cost: free
Agriculture and Farming:             Atmospheric and Climatic Information:
Biologic and Ecologic Information:     Environmental Monitoring and Modeling:
Business and Economic Information:     Administrative and Political Boundaries:
Earth Surface Characteristics and Land Cover:     Elevation and Derived Products:
Geologic and Geophysical Information:     Health and Disease:
Ocean and Estuarine Resources and Characteristics:     Cultural and Demographic Information:
Images and Photographs:     Fresh Water Resources and Characteristics:
Cadastral and Legal Land Descriptions:     Utility Distribution Networks:
Facilities, Buildings, and Structures:     Geodetic Networks and Control Points:
Transportation Networks and Models:     Base Maps, Scanned Maps, and Charts:
Tourism and Recreation:
Data Access
Data download via ftp:
Data download via http:
Data ordering via http form:
Data information via http form:
Data information via offline access:
OpenGIS Web Mapping Service:
OpenGIS Web Feature Service:
Server Host Information
Host Name:
Host IP:
Port: 210
DB Name: waf
Title Search Word: Digital
Text Search Word: Center
Perform Spatial Search: Yes
Software Implementation: CNIDR zserver
Software Version: 2.2.2, Release 2004091302
Platform: Windows 2000
Website WebURL:
Server Latitude: 39.7694 Decimal Degrees
Server Longitude: -79.9972 Decimal Degrees
Data Coverage: United States
Does this collection include data that covers the United States in part or full? Yes
Collection Scope: State
Predominant Geographic Extent of Data Served
Max latitude
min longitude max longitude
-83 -77.5
min latitude
Server Contact Information
Name: Eric Hopkins
Organization: West Virginia GIS Technical Center
Address: 425 White Hall POB 6300
City: Morgantown
State: WV
Postal Code: 26506-6300
Country: United States
E-mail address:
User Support Hours: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Telephone: 304-293-5603 x4335
Fax: 304-293-6522

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