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DOQQ Download Instructions

  1. Click on the web page http://wvgis.wvu.edu/data/dataset.php?action=search&ID=74 at the WV GIS Technical Center's web site.
  2. Select DOWNLOAD. Then from the DOWNLOAD options select: ftp://ftp.wvgis.wvu.edu/pub/Clearinghouse/DOQQ/NAD83
  3. Each file represents a 3.75 minute quarter quad (NE,NW,SE,SW) of a 7.5 minute USGS topographic map. For example, downtown Morgantown is located in the SW quarter quad of the Morgantown North 7.5 Quadrangle. To help locate a 7.5 minute quad, use the USGS Index MapFinder tool at http://edcwww.cr.usgs.gov/Webglis/glisbin/finder_main.pl?dataset_name=MAPS_LARGE
  4. Click on the name (i.e., Charleston East SW) of the 3.75 minute quarter quad for download.
  5. A File Download window will appear, choose "Save this File to Disk" and click OK.
  6. When the "Save As" box appears, select a location to save the WinZip file to. Then hit Save.
  7. Before continuing you need to make sure you have WinZip or another unzipping utility as well as the MrSID Stand Alone Viewer:
  8. After both WinZip and the MrSID Viewer are installed, use the Windows Explorer to locate the downloaded DOQQ WinZip file. Now select it with the left mouse button, and then click the right mouse button. Next select "Extract to Folder." When this is done the user can expect to see the following files .sdw (georeferencing world file), .sid (the image), .hdr (background info, date of photograph, quad name, etc.)
  9. Using the MrSID Stand Alone Viewer, goto FILE, OPEN, and select the file you want to view. The MrSID file can also be viewed with GIS software such as ESRI ArcView.
  10. Having difficulty downloading the files or viewing the MrSID DOQQ images? E-mail the WV GIS Tech Center at wvgis@wvu.edu for technical assistance

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