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Digital Tax Mapping

The West Virginia Association of Assessors and other partners are spearheading an effort to create digital tax mapping guidelines for the State. Both the private and public sector professionals familiar with digital tax maps are assisting in this endeavor. A January 2004 survey of county assessors revealed that 42 of 55 counties (76%) are using, or transitioning to, GIS-based tax mapping programs.

A county has a successful GIS program when it:
  1. Creates computer-generated tax maps from seamless, geo-referenced GIS files
  2. Performs digital maintenance of its parcels (in-house or out-sourcing)
  3. Links mapping GIS files to the CAMA/IAS database



Surveys and Graphics


Digital Tax Mapping: Present and Future. Presented by WVGISTC to WV Property Valuation Training and Procedures Commission (Nov, 2003)

Mapping Software Programs and Procedures

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