West Virginia's NHD Stewardship Portal

Project leads: Maneesh Sharma, Jackie Strager, Kurt Donaldson

NHD Data for West Virginia

The National Hydrography Dataset (NHD) is a comprehensive digital spatial dataset, designed and distributed by USGS, that maps and describes the nation's surface water features, including streams, rivers, lakes, swamps, and constructed waterways. The NHD is currently complete at two different spatial scales for West Virginia: Medium resolution (1:100,000 scale) and High resolution (1:24,000 scale, to correspond with USGS topographic maps). Local Resolution data (1:4,800 scale) exists for West Virginia and some of that data has been implemented into the NHD model but is not yet publically available. Further development of LR-NHD has been halted. For more information, see the Business Plan, linked below.

NHD Stewardship

Many NHD users have partnered together to develop an NHD Stewardship Program for West Virginia. Though the program is in it's infancy, the partners have generated a great deal of content and discussion. The development of this program is being guided by the USGS' own NHD stewardship program. "A Business Plan for the National Hydrographic Dataset in West Virginia" (see below) contains a draft NHD stewardship plan as well as technical reports on the development of NHD data in West Virginia.


This section contains a timeline of documents (the most recent documents are listed first) created as the NHD SDtewardship Program for West Virginia is developed. Users interested in older documents tracking the LR-NHD project should click here or scroll to the bottom of this page. These documents are (mostly) in .pdf format and you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them. Download it here.

  • NHD Stewardship Program Summary Flyer - This is a one page (double sided) information sheet about the NHD Stewardship program in West Virginia. As the progarm evolves and develops, it will be updated. Please download this and provide to colleagues interested in NHD data and stewardship!

  • Content from NHD Stewardship Meeting, October 14, 2009, USGS Water Science Center, Charleston, WV - This folder contains the agenda, presentations and notes from an NHD Stewardship meeting hosted by the United States Geologic Survey at the West Virginia Water Science Center in Charleston, WV. The purpose of the meeting was to update participants on the status of the WV NHD stewardship program and to review in some detail the proposed Stewardship program and first year activities. Participants also heard from Hugh Bevans and Katherine Paybins of the USGS about the work that goes on at the WSC.

  • Content from the NHD Stewardship Brainstorming Session, USFS-MNF, Elkins, WV on August 11, 2009 - This folder contains the agenda, presentations and notes from a meeting and brainstorming session hosted by the United States Forest Service in Elkins, WV. The purpose of this meeting was two-fold. First, it presented an opportunity for users of NHD to share information about their work with one another and with those working to developing an NHD Stewardship program. Second, it provided an opportunity to announce further refinements to the proposed Stewardship program. Please see the Fedorko/Strager presentation at this link for more information on the proposed Stewardship program as it currently stands.

  • Post Meeting Comments from May 2009 NHD Stewardship Brainstorming Session - Some of the participants of the NHD Stewardship brainstorming session opted to follow up with written comments recording their opinions on the shape of a future NHD program. Those comments can be viewed at this link. The full selection of materials from that meeting is available below.

  • Content from the NHD Stewardship Brainstorming Session, WVDEP, July 2009 - This folder contains the agenda, presentations and notes from a brainstorming session and meeting held at the WVDEP in Charleston, WV on May 28, 2009. The meeting was attended by representatives from State and Federal government as well as parties from West Virginia University. George Heleine and Craig Neidig from the USGS presented material about the NHD and the advantages of establishing an NHD stewardship program. Jackie Strager and Evan Fedorko from WVU presented a draft proposal for a WV NHD stewardship program and a round table discussion on the topic was held.

  • A Business Plan for the National Hydrographic Dataset in West Virginia - This report contains a great deal of information about NHD data development, data use and stewardship in West Virginia. Results from the online NHD user survey are compiled as an appendix to this report. This document was initially developed in late 2008 but has since been updated with new content. This report was last updated in May of 2009. Please see newer documents for the most recent NHD Stewardship plans and program specifics.

  • NHD Stewardship Conference - Summary and Reaction - This document contains Evan Fedorko's compiled summary, notes, reactions and modified reccomendations following the 2009 NHD Stewardship Conference. More content from the 2009 NHD Stewardship Conference can be found HERE.

  • NHD Stewardship Conference - West Virginia - In April of 2008, Evan Fedorko traveled to Denver, CO as West Virginia's representative to the NHD Stewardship Conference. This is the presentation he delivered. Mr. Fedorko also participated as a panelist in a state steward discussion on stewardhsip experiences and issues. More content from the 2009 NHD Stewardship Conference can be found HERE.

  • Archived LR-NHD Material - Beginning in 2005 the WVGISTC and NRAC partnered to develop Local Resolution (1:4,800 scale) NHD data for two watersheds in West Virginia - The Gauley and the Upper Guyandotte. During the course of that project, a great deal of content was generated. Users interested in that content can click on the link above. A summary and final report of that project can be found in the Business Plan for the National Hydrographic Dataset in West Virginia