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GIS In The Appalachians

The Department of Geology and Geography at West Virginia University invites participation in the inaugural GIS in the Appalachians themed conference on May 10, 2003, part of the WV GIS Conference and Workshops. The conference will bring together GIS practitioners, academics and other interested parties from throughout the Appalachian region to share and discuss GIS related research.

Call For Papers

Time Title Author(s)
8:50 Opening Comments Greg Elmes

9:00 Paper Session
9:00 Integrating Spatial Analysis in Evaluating the Benefits and Costs of Possible Street Trees in Morgantown, West Virginia. Vishakha Maskey
9:15 Coal Valuation and Geographic Information Systems in West Virginia Charles A. Barlow
9:30 Mine Impoundment Location and Warning System Jodie Hoover
9:45 MapConnector: Integrating GIS Services with your Application Michael Anderson

10:00 Refreshments/Poster viewing
- Asset Mapping in Support of a Scenic Byway: Paint Creek Raleigh, Fayette, and Kanawha County, WV Corey Anderson and Cindy Phillips
- Over the mountains and through the gorge...:Georeferencing and interpreting historical photos for cultural resource management Laura Cathers, Susan Bergeron, Jesse Rouse, Sophia Harris, Brian Renzella, Jodie Hoover, and Laura Pickens
- Incorporating spatial dependence in predictive vegetation models Jennifer Miller
- Integrating Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing for Invasive Plant Species Mapping and Monitoring John Robards, Michael Strager, and Charles Yuill
- Mapping Wastewater Treatment to Support County-wide Planning, McDowell County, WV Matt Sherald
- Status and Application of the National Hydrography Dataset in West Virginia Jacquelyn M. Strager
- A Hierarchical Approach for Prioritizing Wetland and Stream Mitigation Sites in West Virginia Michael Strager, Ronald Fortney, James Anderson, Joseph Osbourne, and Scott Copen

10:30 Paper Session - Natural Resources
10:30 A Land Preservation Framework for the Cacapon Watershed of West Virginia Michael Strager and Charles Yuill
10:45 Application of GIS and Terrain Analysis to Watershed Model Calibration for the CHIA Project Sam Lamont, Robert Eli, and Jerald Fletcher
11:00 Watershed Analysis with GIS: The Watershed Characterization and Modeling System John Churchill, Michael Strager, Jerald Fletcher
11:15 Landscape Visualization through LiDAR for Natural Stream Channel Design Ed Watson and Janette Bennett

11:45 Lunch At Hatfields in the MountainLair

12:15 Keynote Speaker:
Geospatial Science and Technology 2004-2024: Seven Predictions
Keith Clarke, with introduction by Duane Nellis

1:30 Paper Session - GIS in Social Issues
1:30 The McDowell County Flood Atlas: A pragmatic approach for GIS and Remote Sensing education at the middle school level. Michael P. Ferber
1:45 Integration of Geographic Information Systems in WVU Extension Service Programming and Outreach Michael Dougherty, Jacquelyn Strager, Jerald Fletcher, and Kenneth Martin
2:00 CMI: Crime Mapping Initiative for Brownsville, Pennsylvania Thomas R. Mueller
2:15 Employing Participatory GIS for the Study of Rural Communities in Appalachia Michael Dougherty, Hallie Challig, Greg Elmes, Tim Hawthorne, Wilbert Karigomba, Brent McCusker, and Daniel Weiner

2:30 Refreshments/Poster viewing

3:00 Paper Session - Cultural Resources
3:00 Historical Geography and Contextual GIS: Building a GIS for historical Morgantown neighborhoods Susan Bergeron
3:15 Reinterpreting Cultural History: Visualizing a Former Appalachian Landscape Using GIS Joel M. Staub
3:30 You had to be there: Toward a phenomenological understanding of landscape archaeology using GIS and VR Jesse Rouse

3:45 Closing comments Jesse Rouse

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